• Danni

Period Poem

I want to live here

With the wild things.

And let the untamed beast within me be set free

Wolf howling to the wind

Inhibitions scattered

like the ground and powdered ghosts

of ancient tormentors

Long forgotten.

I want to lose myself to the night sky

Feeling silken darkness brush against my skin

So permeable I am to its seductive caress

That I disintegrate to nothing more

Than the faintest whisper of stardust

My laughter dancing across the constellations

I want to be free

to roam the woods by night

Barefoot and feral

Prowling, low to the ground

Intoxicated by the metallic tang of dirt

and primal liberation

Heady in my nostrils

I want to move

with the rhythms of the Earth

beneath my feet

Breathing so that She may breathe

I dance so She can dance

I sing to give Her voice

I give Her my hands

With which to mould the world

And my eyes,

so She can witness Herself

As all Creation

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