• Danni

Dear Radha

In my secret corner of creature comforts 

and uncontained imagination

I hide with the artlessness of a toddler 

during frenzied childhood games of hide and seek

My teapot and I are quite content

to watch the afternoon

passing of its own accord,

As familiar footsteps traverse sun soaked floorboards

Each well-trodden fiber

infused with the reverberations

of our patchwork family.

A micellany menage,

expanding and contracting 

with the rhythms of Her seasons.

She breathes through us, you know. 

Time stands still as I explore the lands 

of a woman blooming in the safety

Of an unconditional acceptance never known to her before 

Oh Radha, what is this home you have brought me to? 

I had spent my life sleepwalking

 ‘til you woke me to this sweetest of dreams.  

Oh Mother, 

To you who has given me this warm and glowing nest

I will forever be

In ardent Devotion.

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